Loyalty Program - VinosRibera.com

Accumulate points for each purchase

Now in Vinosribera.com with each purchase you can get points. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers with this points system for purchases in our online store. Points that can later be converted into discounts for future purchases.

How does the point system work?

You can accumulate points with each purchase. When you place an order, the total amount, excluding shipping costs and coupons, will be used to calculate the number of points earned. These points accumulate in each user's account in the "my loyalty points" section. If you have several user accounts, the points cannot be shared between them. It is necessary to register, it will not be valid for users who place their order as a guest.
The accumulated points can be exchanged for a coupon with the corresponding discount in euros during the formalization of the order. The amount of the points will be kept in the account for a maximum time of 6 months from the date of purchase. We will send a reminder email before its expiration.

Points value

For every euro you spend in our online store, you will get 1 point*. Each point is equivalent to €0.02 discount for your next order. For example, for an order of €100 you will save €2 for the next purchase.

*VinosRibera.com reserves the right to make changes in the percentage without prior notice.

How do I redeem my points for purchase?

In case you have points available in your "My loyalty points" account, you can use them in your next order. In the shopping cart, during the order confirmation process, a summary will be shown with the number of points you have available, and when you click, the discount coupon will be applied in the cart.

IMPORTANT: The points will be available once the order is collected and delivered.
Note: Any purchase made with points will give additional purchase points only for the part of the amount that has not been paid with points.

Minimum purchase required

There is no minimum purchase, points will be generated based on the total purchase made.

Terms of use of the loyalty points system

• Discount points will only be available to customers who are registered in the online store.

• Discount points are validated once payment is made and the order is delivered.

• These points cannot be transferred or shared between clients or between several accounts of the same client.

• They cannot be exchanged for direct money for the client, only for the amount in the order.

• The points of those orders that have been canceled or returned will be eliminated.